‘And there are those who have received the seed in rich soil: they hear the word and accept it and yield a harvest, thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.’ –Mk 4:20

What’s New?
There are some parts of town that are always busy. Within a minute, cars have to halt at a traffic light, giving room for hawkers to press their wares against your window. Mission Road is one of those places. “Let’s buy a Newspaper. How much is it?” He turns to the vendor. “Who reads newspapers these days when you can find whatever news online?” I said, watching Tony’s face for signs of irritation. “two hundred naira, abi? Thank you,” completely oblivious of what I had said or was it. “We should buy a paper every week, even if there is nothing new in it.” I was fooled. He schemed through the pages as the traffic line began to move.
The Hunger
Deep within us is a hunger to know something new. It is so ingrained that we search for it at all cost whether it satisfies us or not. This must have been the motivation behind the crowd that collected along the lake of Galilee. They wanted to see and hear something new. Jesus free indulged their hunger by sowing in their hearts seeds of the Kingdom. These seeds were meant to grow into fruits of devotion and perfection. Devotion is a person’s desire for God which finds expression in acts of love; to love God so as to spend time with Him. And to love neighbour so as to desire their good. To feed this sentiments of love through acts of faith in God and hope in his eternal promise of happiness and peace is the essence of Jesus’ mission on earth. He came to reconcile us to the Father. You have heard God’s word. The seed has been sown in your heart. The seed in and of itself is perfect. But the soil of your heart will determine its growth.
Your Call
Each person must respond to the demands of God’s word according to his status and occupation in life. God’s call is compatible with any worthwhile occupation. St Francis de Sales tells us, “True devotion embellishes and enhances your calling and occupation”. So even occupations of ill repute ought to be redeemed by you. If they call it a “dirty game”, it is up to you to make it clean again. If it is considered a trap to enter marriage, redeem it by devotion to the one you love. If they say its impossible to be a chaste young person, show them that God’s grace makes things possible. If they say you have to be dishonest to make profit, show they that integrity and a good reputation are more valuable than all the gold in the world. If your call is to the solitary life, spend time with God and pray for the millions of people who do not have the luxury of your cloister. Let the seed of God’s word find fertile ground in your heart.
Lord, strengthen me and help me to seek perfection in my state of life, to grow in love and grace through my life and my work.
Today’s Readings
2Sam 7:4-17; Ps 89:4,5,27-30; Mk 4:1-20
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