"Whenever you enter a town and they do not make you welcome, go out into its streets and say, “We wipe off the very dust of your town that clings to our feet, and leave it with you. Yet be sure of this: the kingdom of God is very near.” - Luke 10:10

Are we Smarter?
We live in a world that is constantly changing. We have gone full circle from knowledge of God to ignorance to knowledge and back to ignorance again. We have had peace then war then peace and finally we are on the brink of war again. The question really is, "Have human beings learnt anything in the course of history?" We claim we are smarter than the generations before us (we probably got that idea because someone invented the "smartphone"!). We are not much different from our forebears either in faith or our understanding of social life and responsibility. Let us take Europe for example.
All Brains, No Heart
Western monasticism flourished with Saint Benedict in the sixth century. Europe benefited largely from this. She stepped into the era of civilisation through the influence of Benedictine monasteries, where nobles were educated in letter, religion and culture. These monasteries sowed the intellectual seeds which became universities that would engender the flourishing of schools of science and the arts, and form the minds that would create things for our use (technology). But over time, faith  (and its attending morals) was divorced from science. This has continued to our day, creating men and women with brains but without hearts. Is it any surprise then that a person would kill, whether in the name of religion (which questions their beliefs) or the lack of it?
Love with Dialogue
Christianity has always held out the message of God's love as lived out by Christ which led to his sacrificial death. He doesn't force his teaching on anyone because love desires freedom, and freedom is unforced acceptance of truth. Where there is an abuse of freedom, what we find is obsession with oneself. Christ admonished his disciples to present others with the Word by means of dialogue. Where the faith is rejected, we must leave since our task has been accomplished. It is your duty to spread the Word that gives life like Ezra, to order your life by it like the saints, so that you are a living embodiment of Christ's message. Only by living the message and sharing it can we save a world that is threatening to exterminate itself. You are the only hope the world has, yes, you the Christian.
Heavenly Father, help me realise that I cannot remain indifferent to your call to discipleship. Let my words and actions reflect the love and truth that your message inspires.
Today's Readings
Nehemiah 8:1-12; Psalm 18:8-11; Luke 10:1-12
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