‘See that you never despise any of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in heaven are continually in the presence of my Father in heaven.’Mt 18:10
Do you like being followed around? Of course not. Many of us will call it “stalking”. But the situation will be obviously different if we have established a friendship where we have become inseparable. It will be our utmost delight to spend every moment of the day together with the one we love. God desires such a relationship with us. He wants to be your God and you his “personal person”, his “padi of life”. God cannot force Himself on you. But he is always there for you. He has given us a sign of his closeness to us and our closeness to Him through our guardian angel. Believe it or not you have a personal “body guard”, someone who is there to shield you from any danger to mind and body. So many people have stories of how they were miraculously delivered from danger by unexplained means. We cannot fully comprehend God’s power and protection over us. We only need to assent to it, to believe it and to use it to our advantage. The following steps are helpful:
  • Believe that nothing can harm you if God protects you;
  • Let this belief be evident in the way you pray; pray for God’s constant protection and guidance, always knowing that God is near;
  • Invoke the special protection of your guardian angel; Christ tells us that they are ever in the presence of the heavenly Father, interceding for us and by our side to guide us (angels are not humans so they can do both at the same time);
  • Listen for signs from your guardian angel; do you know those times when you are meant to be somewhere and you suddenly have a strong feeling not to leave the house, that may be your guardian angel at work, warning you of imminent danger;
  • Never give in to fear; always be hopeful of what wishes to accomplish through you. Nothing happens if God does not permit it.
Lord, thank you for your closeness to me. Keep me always conscious of your power and protection over my life.
Today’s Readings
Zech 8:1-8; Ps 102:16-23,29; Mt 18:1-5,10