‘Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head.’Lk 9:58

One Person
The greatest impacts on human history were not made by nations. They were made by persons. All through history, men and women have impacted our world by their dissatisfaction with how things are done, their radical decision to break away from the norm, to propose alternative ways of doing things and make a change by their words and actions. Today, we celebrate one of the Church’s most beloved saints; Saint Francis. Francis took Jesus literally when he proposed self-denial and dependence on divine providence as the path to true Christian witness in the world. He chose to reform the Church by reforming himself. He lived in poverty, owning nothing else but the cloth on his back, despite the fact that he was born into a comfortable business empire. He begged for his daily meal as he went about telling others about the love of Christ.
You Can Fix it
Francis was responding to a desire within the human heart, a desperate cry for justice and witness to true love. If the Church is to make any impact in the world, we must begin by truly following Christ and effecting the desired changes within ourselves his members. It is just as much my responsibility as the next person’s to be truly like Christ. I owe myself a responsibility to understand Christ’s love for me which led him to the Cross and resurrection. I ought to see that Christ is familiar with my plight; he knows what it feels like to suffer innocently. Christ is there with me when I experience pain and suffering. He calls me to hold his hands as I go through the fire of hostility, loneliness, rejection and trauma. Still more, he wishes to create  a stronger and more compassionate person from the experiences we go through. It is the sum of our experiences that should propel us to stand up against corruption, to speak out against injustice and root our evil by our own good examples and not just by complaining or ranting on social media. Words must always translate to action. Do something, no matter how small. We pray for the courage and compassion of St Francis of Assisi to be the light of Christ where we are.
Lord, make me an instrument of peace, love, hope, light and joy in our world today.
Today’s Readings
Neh 2:1-8; PS 137:1-6; Lk 9:57-62
Photo source *stfranciscommunity.net