‘Here is a teaching that is new and with authority behind it’Mark 1:27

Ordinary Times
We are in ordinary time but there is nothing ordinary about the times. The date, the season, the events, our jobs, our working conditions and families all appear to be the same ordinary difficult circumstance we are surrounded by daily. We are in the midst of it all, seemingly ordinary people. Yet we are the variable factor. We are the ones to transform these ordinary situations into exceptional ones. You have received this extraordinary power of transformation from Christ whose presence in the world transformed humanity’s destiny forever. Jesus began his earthly ministry immediately after his baptism. He taught the people with authority, in ordinary conditions, leaving a deep impression on them. He cast out an unclean spirit that had possessed a man, underscoring the reality that when light appears, darkness must disappear. Christ invaded the ordinariness of his situation with the extraordinary power issuing from his authority.
Extraordinary Things
You too enjoy these benefits along with Christ. Through the waters of Baptism, you are now God’s beloved child. As you launch into you daily tasks, your actions convey meaning well beyond what you might intend. You may appear ordinary in your own eyes but your actions and inactions will leave extraordinary impressions on the sands of time and the lives of others. Take hold of your thoughts, seize every opportunity and make every conscious action an educational one. You may not have the power to cast out demons, but you have power to impact positive change on your family, colleagues and acquaintances. Because you too are light, you are the light of the world around you. This means that God’s word and his name ought to be printed indelibly on your mind, heart and lips. Let it be a prayer of anguish that you mutter under your breath like Hannah. Draw strength from it as you go through the daily grind of activities. Make every ordinary day extraordinary by being truly Christian.
Lord, thank you so much for one more day. May you glorified in all my thoughts, words and actions towards others.
Today’s Readings
1Sam 1:9-20; 1Sam 2:1,4-8; Mk 1:21-28
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