“And a voice came from heaven, ‘You are my Son, the Beloved; my favour rests on you.’”Mark 1:11

Better than Money
If you ask just about anyone right now what they need or think will make them feel better right now, off the bat, they will tell you “I need money, loads of it! That will make me fine.” This is just a surface treatment of a deeper problem. It is what we think we need. What we really desire is to be happy. Happiness, Joy, Peace is what we hope to get if we have the money we are asking for. Some of the most reassuring words you will hear today, are the words of a loving father, a caring spouse, a dutiful parent, a considerate co-worker or classmate, or even an old friend telling you, ‘How are you doing? I just thought to check up on you and know how you are doing.’ Or ‘I love you so much’. Or ‘I appreciate all you are doing here in this office and I really value your time and gifts’. Or ‘Honey, I got you this because I know you are doing so much to keep this family going. I appreciate all you are doing’. I am very sure there is no amount of money in the world that can by the feeling of joy and genuine appreciation that will invade your heart from these words of affirmation.
You are Favoured
This is what God offers you today in the Gospel reading when he says, “You are my child, the Beloved; my favour rests on you”. God favour rests on you. It rests on every baptised Christian. This favour is what continues to sustain you even when you feel like quitting, when there is no money in your account, when no one appreciates you, when you appear to be slaving away with little profit or reward. It is that favour of God that continues to see you through. The favour of God will continue to propel you every single day even when you have no clue what will come your way. Keep pressing on, continue to give your best to your work, keep fine-tuning your ideas, continue to polish your skills so that you become better. Renew yourself through the sacraments, personal time in prayer and in your conversations with people who strengthen your understanding of yourself, your faith and your mission in the world. Be careful not to lose the important things in your life by chasing the things you think will make you happy. Go out today wearing a smile on your face. Be reassured that God is always with you and His favour rests on you. Those things that appear difficult today will be made easy. Those things that appear far away and beyond your reach will suddenly come nearer and within your grasp. May the peace and joy you so desperately desire in your heart, in your job, your marriage, your studies and relationships will flood your heart and God’s presence through the spirit will reach out from you to those you will meet today.
Lord Jesus, show me your favour and grace as I go through the day. Prompt me to pay a listening ear, a helping hand and a kindly compliment to those in need.
Today’s Readings
1Jn 5:5-13; Ps 148:12-15,19-20; Mk 1:6-11
Photo credit *4catholiceducators.com