‘It is not the healthy who needs the doctor but the sick. I did not come to call the virtuous but sinners.’ – Mark 2:17

Chika: Hi Jane, how was classes today?
Jane: So-so. We thank God sha. How was your day na?
Chika: You know na, lecture-free day. I had to go out. And that was how I ran into this conversation with some guys who were arguing with some of my friends.
Jane: What were they arguing about?
Chika: You know, normal guys and girls stuff na.
Jane: Like what?
C: One of the guys was arguing that men are allowed to cheat on ladies because it is imprinted on their DNA. What rubbish! J: What did you say to him?
C: Trust me na, I unleashed fire on him. I told him that they are the ones who promote the wrong ideas. They think that only men can cheat. We women can be unfaithful too if we want.
J: What kind of answer is that?
C: How do you mean na?
J: Who goes about justifying evil with evil. Women can cheat better than men, what is that?
C: But Jane, what should I have said na?
J: I thought you should know that you don’t descend to a person’s level to prove your point. Rather you hold them up to a higher ideal.
C: Babe, this is grammar you are speaking. Break it down to my level.
J: When a person is bragging about how much he can get away with doing something wrong, the best thing is to show him what he is meant to be. Men and women are created to love. We are created to be faithful to God and to treat one another with respect.
C: So how is this connected to the gist on ground?
J: See, when God created human beings, He gave us something which he did not give to any other thing he created. He created us in his own image and likeness, which means that we resemble God.
C: Is that so?
J: Yes o. This is why our whole life is tied to God and to doing the things that draw us closer to Him and closer to one another. And the number one thing which we owe one another is love.
C: How do you mean?
J: I mentioned that God made us in him image and likeness. This means that we grow happier the more we serve others with our gifts. You and I can be of use to others through the proper use of our gifts.
C: So are you saying that me with my “talk-talk” can be of use to other people?
J: Yes na. That opportunity you had to tell that guy the truth about reality. That is a golden opportunity to serve God.
C: Ehn, I didn’t think of it like that o. I just thought it was normal gist.
J: That is how we deceive ourselves. There is nothing like normal and abnormal gisting. There is only useful and useless gist.
C: That is to say, our gists should be useful.
J: You get am. There are examples we can even cite from the Scriptures. Saul was anointed to be a king over Israel by Samuel. In the same way, we too were anointed at Baptism with the oil of Chrism as priests, prophets and kings after the example of Christ.
C: Is that so. So a whole me, I am an anointed woman, abi?
J: Yes na. In the Gospel, Jesus calls Matthew (Levi) to leave his task collector job and join him in gathering people into God’s kingdom.
C: Yes I remember that story. Matthew even called his fellow task collectors to come and see Jesus. That guy is a correct guy.
J: So you see that even the people in the Scriptures had to learn what God is calling each of us to do: to know Him, to love Him and serve Him.
C: …so that we can be happy with him forever in heaven.
J: You get am my sister.
Both share a hi-five and giggling.
Today’s Readings
Lord Jesus, thank you for calling me and making me your disciple. Help me to see your call as an opportunity to serve others with my gifts and strength.
1Sam 9:1-4,17-19,10:1; Ps 21:2-7; Mk 2:13:17